Monday, December 28, 2020

My 2021 Planner

Probably you won't care about this but it matters to me so I'm sharing the layout of my new 2021 planner! 

My last planner was by Posh and I LOVED it! It was later out as columns instead of rows and had a task list area for each day... But I found that I struggle to leave any of those task lines blank. I will overwhelm myself by creating new tasks rather than leaving one blank. 😬 

That's obviously a problem so I'm trying out a new layout this year!  

This year I picked a planner by Orange Circle Studios and I THINK it'll be a lot better for me. 

My favorite part is the goal tracker! I loved that element in the monthly section of my Posh planner but it makes me so happy to see it right there in front of my every single day! 

I can't actually find my exact planner but here's an extra-large version that shows you the cute elphant on the cover at least! 

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