Friday, January 1, 2021

2020 Reading Goal Wrap-Up

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I talked at the beginning of my last podcast about my 2021 reading goals (Read 100 books [meaning middle grade counts but only if it's 100+ pages], read 12 grown-up books I already own, read a Christian fantasy and a Christian sci-fi I like enough to recommend on the podcast, stick with a new bedtime routine that has me reading a few nights a week) so today I want to revisit my reading goals from 2020.

Read 100 books... Accomplished ✔

Read 50 books I already own... Kinda? Accomplished because of the middle grade but only hit 11 grown-up books, which was what I actually had in mind when setting this goal.

Read or skim my entire 4th grade book stack... No 🚫 I chose about halfway through the year to focus more on growing our 3rd grade list so I'm happy with this.

Find my commitment authors... Yes! ✔ But hopefully this will be ongoing and will grow all the time!

Branch out... Yes! ✔ I wanted to try a few more classics, a few historical fictions that were not WWII, and "maybe a sci-fi or something." I read two classics and historical fiction set on the Titanic, during the revolutionary war, during the civil rights movement, in medieval England, in 1920s Wisconsin, in 1930s Tennessee, and in Victorian England! Plus I'm currently reading a kind of historical fiction fantasy hybrid about a new-to-me historical event, though I for sure won't finish it before 01.01.21. I am very happy with this and know I'll branch out even more in 2021 simply because this was so enjoyable!

Try a buddy read with my hubby... No 🚫 We read about half of multiple books but STILL have yet to finish one! He's very hard to buddy read with LOL. I'm now retiring this pipe dream.

Read more "up lit"...  Yes ✔ But I also abandoned quite a few I started and this year I'm much more focused on Christian fiction again. 

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