Saturday, January 2, 2021

December Wrap-Up

Maybe it's crazy but 2020 was actually a really great year for us as a family. It's been over a year since we've gotten to see any family and that's the hardest and saddest part of all but otherwise we really did have a good year, even if it was a different year from what we would originally have expected. And December was a generally awesome month! 

In December I... 

Learned- so much about Norway thanks to the gorgeous Nordic Christmas Box from The Good and the Beautiful.

Made- Christmas ornaments, calendars for the grandparents, a super cute footprint reindeer painting, and my personal favorite: Cannellini "zuppa." I'm still eating vegetarian and I was shocked to find how much I loved the cannellini version! I genuinely liked it as much as the sausage version.

Played- Donkey Kong on the Super Nintendo like a zillion times. Lots of board games too but the kids have been on a Donkey Kong kick and we played every weekend plus a few times during Ryan's Christmas vacation!

Read- A Christmas Carol, 12 Days at Bleakly Manor, Understood Betsy, 100 Days of Real Food, The Love Note, the American Girl Kirsten books, some books I'll be saving for the podcast. ;]

I was very excited about The Love Note but it didn't end up working as well for me as I'd hoped. I still gave it three stars because I finished it, found the writing to be of good quality, and found the story itself to be clever and well-designed. Something about it though just wasn't for me. In all honesty, I do find that the only England-set stories I tend to care for are of the WWII nature. (This is set in 1865). I did love the love note element itself though, which is not surprising since I am such a fan of love notes, epistolary novels, and really all things epistolary in nature. If you were wondering about this one, I'd still say you might want to try it. I'm able to see that this is a generally good book that just wasn't for me and I wanted to give an honest review but I also hope it won't turn you away since she really did do a great job here. 
*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Opinions are my own.  

Watched- The Office, which is NOT appropriate, but which I love. Ryan got me the full set on DVD for Christmas and I'm enjoying a few episodes every Friday and Saturday night now. Mythbusters- nope. I was so hoping it would be a fun science experiment-filled show for A, and it's probably fine for when he's older, but for now there was a little too much innuendo or other random things that just made me uncomfortable for seven years old. Tell me all of your favorite science shows/movies for kids!

Worked on- this little early reader my cousin Sabrina and I have been putting together for our daughters. It's been proving to be a lot more of a challenge than I expected but I just ordered another print copy and once it arrives I'll know if I got it right this time! I'm very ready to be done with it so fingers crossed. 

Wrote- Blog posts! Planning to blog more in 2021 so I have a few posts already written and pre-scheduled. Also wrote stories for that dang early reader. 

I hope you all had a wonderful 2020 in spite of the strangeness of it and I am believing with all of my heart that everyone reading this can have a joy-filled 2021. 


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