Friday, January 22, 2021

Grandma Sue

Ryan's grandma passed away Tuesday evening. Your prayers for a peaceful grieving process for the family are much appreciated. 

Grandma Sue suffered dementia and it was already knocking at the door when I met her. I don't think I ever got to know the true, vibrant Susan. But I did get to see glimpses of her. 

She loved art, music, board games, puzzles. 

She loved football, going out to eat, a well-decorated room. 

She had an eye for beauty, a heart for children, and a big singing voice. 

She broke every exercise date we ever made but never broke a single dessert date. 

She told me once that in her darkest days, her skin hurt. She said her skin literally ached for touch. 

She didn't feel good when she ate honey, she thought DVR was brilliant, and she couldn't resist curling up to read chapter after chapter of a good murder mystery by the fire. 

I feel sad-- how could I not?-- but also so happy for her. I know she's with Jesus (singing his praises louder than the angels) and I know she's hugging her mama again after all these years apart. 

My heart is filled with joy and I'm so excited for her having moved into this next big milestone. We're born, we roll over, we get a tooth, walk, read, lose the tooth, graduate, get married, have a baby, accomplish a dream, retire if we've been working, meet Jesus face to face. She's at the most exciting step of all.

But still, I'm sad for everyone left missing her down here. She's a beloved mother, sister, grandmother, great grandmother, and friend. She will be missed. 


  1. I am so sorry for her passing, but I am so glad she loved Jesus and we have the joy of knowing we will all sing His praises together one day! Your post brought tears of peace and joy to my eyes. God bless.


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