Saturday, January 9, 2021

Homeschool movies we love...

I mentioned that we tried to watch Mythbusters and it didn't work out. Here's a list of homeschool movies that have worked out for us!

America: the Story of Us... Ryan and I loved this miniseries! Now A and I are working our way through it as we study American history. =] 

Animated Hero Classics... There are so many of these! We've watched quite a few after specific history lessons 

Babies... This is an almost wordless documentary following the development of four babies during their first year of life. Be advised that you will see women breastfeeding and nekkid babies in this movie. My kids have only seen snippets of this one but like what they've seen. I've seen the whole thing and really like it, though I do feel the American family is not a great example of most of America. 

Bill Nye the Science Guy... We haven't seen all of these but we've tried a few to go with specific science units and really enjoyed them! 

Christmas in Yellowstone... All I can say is 😍

Disneynature selections... We have loved all of these but the flamingo one so far. Elephants are my favorite animal so you know I am super excited for the new elephant movie!

Magic School Bus... These are such a hit with my kids. They actually play Magic School Bus sometimes which is super fun. I like to use these with whatever science unit we're working on but they'll pop these in just for fun some weekends too. 

North America... Ryan and I adored this nature documentary (narrated by Tom Seleck) so much that we had to purchase it. The whole family has enjoyed this one so many times! 

Planet Earth... My mother-in-law randomly found this whole set at her used bookstore and I'm so, so glad she saw it and grabbed it for us! We've enjoyed this one so many times. 

Predator Dinosaurs... A could probably tell you about 20 other dinosaur DVDs but this one stands out to me. I liked the applicable science experiment to understand the reasoning for the giant claw on the dino's foot, especially... though the whole thing gave me the heebie jeebies if I'm being honest. 

Scholastic storybook collections... There's a great collection of Africa stories we watched when we were learning about Africa and we've been meaning to check out more of these!

School House Rock... I loved these as a kid and I love them for my kids! The songs are just so catchy... I've never forgotten some of them. 

Super Why... This is such a fun one for my littler ones as they're learning to read. We own several episodes on DVD and although A is too old for these now, all four of my kids have loved them in the early days. 

Sid the Science Kid... I love Sid! Although two of his friends kind of annoy me 😂. A is mostly too old for this one now but he'll still sit down for an episode here and there. 

Wild Kratts... We love these nature shows! I cleverly introduced them as "a big kid show you might be too little for" so naturally they all adore them. Slip that trick into your back pocket, mamas. 

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