Friday, January 15, 2021

My 2021 Cooking Goal

2021 Goal: 12 New Recipes

My sweet friend Mandy gave me a recipe for simple cookies by Emily Breeze and I had a blast taking it and making it my own. We made "Hippie Cookies" (our name for the version we created) every week in January, I made my own variation of a potato salad recipe I found online, I made taco seasoned jackfruit for our burrito bowls and barbecue jack fruit for sandwiches, and yesterday I made the chickpea cookie dough bites from Fiber Fueled.

I'm certainly no stranger to cooking but lately I've been enjoying following new recipes. I'm feeling a rare burst of kitchen adventurousness so I'm rolling with it and adding lots of new goodies to our kinda-tired repertoire. I set a goal for myself to try 12 new recipes in 2021 and so far I'm crushing it. This is good because I'll likely lose steam at some point and crave the comfort of familiarity again.

These are a few of the recipes I'd like to try...

- Acorn squash with cinnamon and coconut butter from Practical Paleo

- Caldo Verde from Forks Over Knives: Flavor!

- Creamy celery and cannellini bean soup from Eat Better Live Better Feel Better

- Double Chocolate Layer Cake from Paleo Kids Cookbook, but with vanilla almond lemon cream from Eat Better Live Better Feel Better!

- Garlic walnut cheeze from Eat Better Live Better Feel Better

- Give Peas a Chance Fritters from Paleo Kids Cookbook

- Lentil loaf from Forks Over Knives

- Paleo vegan samoas by Real Food with Jessica

- Russ's Flatbread from The Paleo Approach Cookbook

- Socca from Eat Better Live Better Feel Better

- Spinach artichoke dip from Against All Grain

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