Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Books, books, books

Currently reading... 

📖 The Moonlight School by Suzanne Woods Fisher... Christian historical fiction about an adult literacy class in the mountains of 1911 Kentucky 

📖 Make Their Day...  This sweet little gem, sent to me by Bethany House in exchange for an honest review, is full of lovely ideas for expressing my love to the people I love. Each tip is only a paragraph or two so it makes for an excellent early morning read that gets my heart focused how I want it but doesn't take up much time at all. I think anyone can get something out of this book but I especially recommend it for introverts like myself who don't always express things in the physical world sense. 

📖 Wired for Joy...  Neuroplasticity is so fascinating to me! I'm learning so much from this book and I'm rewiring my brain so it's easier to move back into the joy I was created for after I encounter stress. 

📖 Bible...  Taking my sweet time getting through the gospel of John. 

📖 You Can Heal Your Life...  Loving a snippet of this one each morning to keep my heart and mind focused where I want them to be. 

📝 The Daily Question...  I had forgotten all about this little guy! This journal-style book was sent to me by Waterbrook-Multnomah just before or after my cousin Barbara died. I was in the throes of grief and struggling so much so we only filled in maybe ten entries before I got too distracted to remember this little book. It was so fun to re-read through those old answers and now we're having fun filling it out again!  

📖 Getting Into Character... My current writing book... Characterization from an author who has truly mastered it. I took the author's class at the Spokane Christian Writer's Conference and loved everything she had to say. 

📖 In This House We Will Giggle...  This is the virtue-themed book I read a chapter of each month. This month's virtue is love. 

📖 The Tuttle Twins Guide to Courageous Heroes...  Just read about Prudence Crandall this morning! Delightful! 

📖 The Chair (not pictured, via audio book)... Not super far into it yet but such a fascinating concept! 

📖 Plus lots of homeschool reads... Li Lun Lad of Courage as our read-aloud, geology books, Italy-themed books, one-on-one reads with A and B, a picture book with the preschool lesson... All the books. 

And, finally, I've got two review books to share with parents of teens! 

Brave* by Sissy Goff is written for teen girls experiencing anxiety and I NEEDED this book as a teen! I hope my own daughters won't need this book but since it's full of wisdom for those suffering from extreme anxiety and those who just find themselves frequently worrying, I am so grateful to have it on their shelf! 

Talking with Teens about Sexuality* by Beth Robinson EdD and Latayne C Scott PhD is kind of painful to read as a parent, but so very important. I had no idea that certain concepts had completely saturated the teen world, like for example a certain sexual style being a cover story in Teen Vogue, and it really broke my heart. The takeaway here is that it's easy to not want to cover these topics with teens for fear that it'll in fact encourage these things, but that really it's a parent's job to introduce and discuss these concepts before TikTok does it for you. You should also know that the authors carry a traditionally Christian stance on sexuality, gender, and purity... But they approach it from the modern viewpoint that teens are constantly being bombarded with images and opinions on the subject and so the conversation needs to be had in your home regardless of which side of the fence you sit on. This book will certainly not leave you feeling cheerful about the state of the world but it will give you the necessary tools to have these tough conversations. 

* I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review. 

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