Saturday, February 20, 2021

Links that make me happy

🐝 How fun is this homeschool bee unit?! I'd love to do this with my kids! 

📝 Just discovered a new Christian writing podcast by fiction author Shawn Smucker and his wife and really liked episode 1!

🍰 A wants donuts for his birthday dessert. For my birthday I think I'm going to make this whole foods (and dairy-free) tres leches cake!

💻 If you're in need of any logo or graphic design work go check out Kerry Ashby! I was very happy with the podcast ads he designed for me for flyers and Pinterest!

🛌 We've decided to slowly upgrade everything in our home to organic. These blankets are eventually going to go on all of our beds. Eventually. 

🍄 So I've been researching grain-growing because I really want to be totally self-sufficient out here and this week I thought, We eat a lot of mushrooms around here. Is it safe to grow portobello or cremini mushrooms at home? And now I guess I'm about to grow mushrooms.

📺 We recently watched this Masterpiece Theater version of Pollyanna so as soon as we finish our current read-aloud we're starting Pollyanna Grows Up. 

🔤 Completely free, more relaxed homeschool language arts approach 

🎧 Just downloaded this bookish podcast episode to listen to on the treadmill this week 😊 

👗 I'm looking for a cute + sustainably made spring & summer dress. I love wrap dresses but hate the low-cut V neck that always wants to slide around all day so I'm thinking about this cute dress. It's expensive but I've learned that cheap clothes are only cheap because of slave labor and/or unfair wages so I'll buy, like, two new clothing items a year and call it good. 👍

*Many of these links are affiliate links. I'll receive a small commission for referring you to the product/website but you won't pay anything extra.

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