Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Rabbit Trails

It's been a very busy few days! I survived caring for eight children, I went into the city for a big grocery haul + a birthday gift, we celebrated a sweet kiddo's sixth birthday, and then we kinda got a bonus family day because the husband was home sick yesterday. He mostly just slept, but we did all ride in the car together while I ran to pick up a show and book from the library for him + a few wellness ingredients to speed up his recovery, and he was at the table with us at lunch, so it still felt like family time to me! 

Lately it seems like our family is going down a bunch of little rabbit trails. I love it! 

Husband is currently on a logging kick and says he's pretty sure he was a logger in Norway during a past life. 😉 He's been reading up on felling, the history of logging, sustainability in logging without destroying forests, timber management for our own property, all the things. We borrowed a few seasons of Ax Men from the library as well and he's been very much enjoying that (though he fast forwards through all the swamp logging). 

A is always and forever interested in any dinosaur book I can get my hands on but also currently primates. Gorillas, monkeys, chimps, all the primates. 

B is on a major brain kick. We even got got her a brain coloring book for her birthday! We've found very few kid-friendly brain books but she's loved the ones we did find and she's also watched the Sid the Science Kid brain video a few times recently. 

I'm always and forever on some kind of human body rabbit trail and currently that looks like natural healing remedies again (I'm creating a specific tab for it in my home management binder) and, probably in part thanks to B, neuroplasticity. I'm also pretty obsessed right now with Koko (the gorilla who was taught over a thousand words in sign language), and the Vietnam war. 

I often tell people what we're rabbit trail-ing and they look at me like, "WHY?!" so I'm very curious- do you get excited about a topic and go down a rabbit trail? Do you frequently get lost in a self-imposed research project? 

I'm struggling a lot here lately with self-confidence and self-compassion so I'm also working a lot on that, too. Maybe you need a reminder as well- you were created on purpose, for a purpose. You are lovable and loved exactly as you are. You are enough. 

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