Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Recently Read, Watched, and Listened to

🍵 Yogi's Pumpkin Spice tea is so yummy with cashew MALK or Nutpods creamer! I was feeling super stressed this morning so made myself a cup. Now... 

🎧 Recently I've listened to Christian fiction novel The Dead Don't Dance by Charles Martin (you should have seen me sobbing my way through the ending on the treadmill 😂), Adventures in American History (we just finished it! Up next, ancient civilizations!), Ellie Holcomb's You are Loved + Sparrows Rising's Take This With You to combat some self-consciousness that's popped up again, and a different podcast episode each morning on my morning walk/on the treadmill... 

Recent favorites: At Home with Sally // Basically Bookish // Because Fiction // Bookend Homeschoolers // Christian Historical Fiction Talk // The Crystal Paine Show // Dare to Fail (cusses, but so inspiring!) // Home Row // Hope Prose // The Intentional Childhood // The Motcast // Read-Aloud Revival // The School of Greatness // Simply Charlotte Mason Homeschool // Story Embers // That Sounds Fun // The Unending TBR // Your Enneagram Coach

📺 You can just assume we've always been watching at least an episode or two of The Office and then I won't have to type it every time. We also watched the first episode of The Men Who Built America (a History Channel series about Rockefeller, Carnegie, JP Morgan & Ford) and we both though it was so great! And I finally watched The Matrix for the first time! I think it's very good but very stressful.

📚 I've been reading tons of children's novels, Fawkes by Nadine Brandes, The Dead Don't Dance as mentioned above if you count audio books here, The Dirt Cure, the January chapter of In This House We Will Giggle, and three nonfiction review books I'll share with you now!

The Beauty of an Uncluttered Soul by Carla Gasser* is such a beautiful devotional! The gorgeous water color florals on each page are very calming/soothing and I love the fruit-of-the-spirit theme because these wonderful traits live inside all of us but don't always feel easily accessible to us! It can be hard to narrow down a choice out of so many devotionals but I think this is a good one. I recommend it primarily for women who are interested in self-development specifically in terms of the fruits of the spirit.

How to Listen so Kids Will Talk by Becky Harling* was a good, short read that gave a lot of anecdotal stories as well as tips for personalizing our connections with our own children. I feel like I finished it feeling like it was just a generally good, maybe 3.5 star read, but it's now a 5-star book to me because I'm still thinking so much about things she said and how I can reflect certain things in each of my individual relationships with my kids.

The Military Guide to Armageddon*- This book is full of awesome tips that can get you through any situation, whether you believe this to be the end times or not. The faith element is strong so this is probably not an ideal pick for a non-believer thinking they'll just "skip over anything religious."

I personally skipped around and read what I was interested in but multiple times got caught up and read more than I'd planned to. My husband tried to read it straight through but ultimately didn't finish it. After a few chapters he passed it to me and said he didn't like it very much at all, which honestly surprised me!

💻 Remember when blogs were the thing and commenting on them was in? Pretend it's 2009 and tell me something you've read, watched, or listened to recently! 

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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