Saturday, February 6, 2021

Snack plate homeruns

Our routine these days is snack plates every day for lunch. These were hits for all four kids this week. 

1- Chicken salad, carrots, hummus, "Hippie Cookies," blueberries + blackberries + raspberries. 

2- Trail mix, carrots, Mandarin orange, sweet potato "toast," leftover chicken salad. Everybody had two (or three, in A's case) more sweet potato toasts before they were satisfied. 

Chicken salad- canned organic chicken breast (I have to use two cans), paleo mayonnaise, finely diced white onion, finely diced pecan. I didn't have dried cranberries so I put goji berries in instead and everyone loved it. I normally like to either serve on a bed of spinach or mix spinach in but I was out of spinach and my kids only like their kale cooked 🤷🏼

Hummus- We all love Hope brand's black garlic hummus

Hippie Cookies- original recipe was created by Emilybreeze on Instagram but I like to do: 2cups oats, 3 mashed bananas (the browned, the better), 1 cup of tahini, 1/4c maple syrup, 1tsp chia seeds, 1 generous pinch of dried coconut,  1/4cup pecans (or walnuts) (the original recipe is a little different and is half this size)

Trail mix- I make a big container of trail mix every Sunday, mostly for topping our breakfast hot cereal with. This one had pumpkin seeds, pistachios, goji berries, walnuts, pecans, raisins, dried apple

Sweet potato "toast"- slice up your sweet potatoes (or just one if there are fewer in your family) and lay slices out on a cookie sheet. Bake for 30 minutes. That's it. Top with almond butter or any other nut butter. A dash of cinnamon is pretty delightful. Add your favorite berries, trail mix, whatever. I've also made it with guacamole instead of nut butter and berries, but I find that I just don't like anything salty/savory on my sweet potatoes. 

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