Monday, February 1, 2021

This week's goals

I want to blog more like in the old days again, just sharing little life moments I've loved even if they're not as cool or Pinterest-worthy as the kind of blogs people create today. 

I'm hoping I can convince a ton of people to delete their Facebook and Instagram apps, replace them with the Blogger app, and join me!! 

I held a baby this weekend! I felt so much joy, but today I feel on the verge of tears and just so sorrowful with the version of myself who got her tubes tied. 
Motherhood is such a beautiful joy to my life and it's so precious and sacred to me. It was then, too, but I was still making decisions out of fear. When I make decisions out of love it brings so much more love into my life. 
I already miss this sweet little guy and I'm so thankful for all the children God has brought into my life, both through the precious pregnancies I've experienced and my friendships with so many wonderful mamas!!

πŸ“”Goals for this weekπŸ“”

πŸ—¨ Say kind and loving things to myself 
🧚🏻 Get my hands on a DVD copy of the Nutcracker performance I danced in 15ish years ago 
πŸ‘§πŸΌ Date with B 
πŸŽ‚ Birthday prep work
🌱 Move my green onions into a terracotta pot and my avocado tree into a bigger pot. I need to move the avocado to the greenhouse but I worry it'll die out there because garden work isn't in my daily routine again yet. 
☎ Schedule the dentist and pediatrician appointments I hate scheduling and don't believe in but schedule anyways because I'm scared someone will call CPS if I don't. 
πŸ“ Write a letter to our Compassion friend in Rwanda. 
πŸ“• Work out an ancient history timeline for my mom who is helping us bring our homeschool history to life 
πŸ’» Blog 3x + writing project work 
🍽 Find where I saved the recipe for some quinoa raspberry bars and bake them 

Also, maybe very little of this? A friend's husband is having open heart surgery this week and I will be keeping their four children here for as long as they need. In theory that will just be over night but I made sure to have a very clear schedule and be available if she needs it to be longer.  Ryan will be working as per usual so it's going to be me + 8. I'm going to get a feel for what life is like for Octomom or Jon & Kate + 8. Except that they have houses much larger than mine. Eight kids + 2 adults + 800sq feet. I'm actually not really concerned about it but I do think I'll be busier during the day and starved for quiet time at night so I'm going to give myself a lot of grace with this week's to-do list! 

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