Saturday, March 27, 2021

9 Things I'm Loving Right Now

 1 - My eyes looking so vibrant thanks to cleaning up my dietary choices again 

2 - So many sweet little seedlings! 

3 - Our giant (for us at least) new garden plot for this year! 

4- Playing this cool library board game, Carcassonne, with the kids for homeschool! I love board games, I love homeschool, and I love how excited my kids are about this game! A even wants it for his birthday. 😍

5 - Turkey tracks! wild turkeys in our yard first we heard them, then we saw them, then we explored their tracks :-) 

6- This awesome teabag wisdom 

7- Being more strict about video games. My kids think they love them but st least one of them has a meltdown every time we play. I finally said we're done, taking a huge break and then we'll play once a month (or maybe even less?!) and reassess. They weren't even playing daily but it feels so great to not have them asking for it, whining about it, etc. 

8 - My kids still so excited about geology and finding geodes and crystal-y rocks (technical term 😆) in our own yard! 

9 - Karen Kingsbury! I did not think I would ever want to read her books since this first book in the Baxter series is about such difficult subject matter (an affair), but I am absolutely loving her writing and all kinds of podcast interviews of her... Although the interviews definitely contain lots of spoilers for the series. 

What's something you're loving right now? 

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