Monday, April 19, 2021

Current reads!

From top to bottom: 

A Crown for Kate... This first grade level book from The Good and the Beautiful is my current buddy read with kindergartner B. We take turns reading a page at a time. I really like this book and talked about it on a podcast episode. It's the perfect amount advanced for her. It's mostly at her reading level with a word here and there she needs help with and learns from! 

Wild Words of Science... Love this science devotional! 

Everybody Always for Kids... Love this Bob Goff devotional (essay collection is a better description) even more! 

The Mouse and the Motorcycle... Current buddy read with second grader A. Also read by taking turns on each page, also the perfect level of advanced so he mostly reads it just fine but grows a little as a reader with each chapter! 

Because of Winn Dixie... Current read-aloud. I approved this one a couple of years ago. I must be leaning harder into my 1-wing right now because it's making me a lil uncomfortable and I'm self-editing a lot but still liking the overall message.

The Story of the World... We love this history read-aloud! A is much more interested than B but both love it. We read a chapter or two most weeks. 

In This House We Will Giggle... This is a lovely book about virtues. It's set up to be read once a month so that's what I do! April's virtue is faith. 

Start Here Start Now... Starting my mornings with this book feels like chatting with a (Christian) life coach!  

Awaking Wonder... Re-visiting this delightful homeschool gem because I just love Sally Clarkson's books! 

Even Now... I'm kind of annoyed with myself for starting this book. I don't really read series but I'm so excited for the Baxter Family series by the same author. This is not part of that series. Why, self? Why??? But I'm enjoying myself anyway! 

Love Lives Here... This book is written by a fellow Enneagram 9 and I keep tearing up because I feel so known/understood!!! She and I think so much alike! She's even said phrases I always say! So far I highly recommend for other 9s 😍

Ancient Remedies... I am finding this book so fascinating and insightful! I really like Dr Axe and his faith-based perspective on health. I really like that he blends Western medicine with Eastern Medicine. There is so much great information in this book whether you are Paleo or vegan or something in between and I think that is a kind of rare find, don't you? I'll forever love learning about the amazing human body! 

Not pictured: Best Family Ever... I read this middle grade Baxter Family story and loved the sweet family values! When I saw that my library had it available as an audio book I read the description aloud to C who insisted, "We have to get it!" So far all four kids are really liking the story and the characters. 

Have you read any of these? Let me know how you liked it! 


  1. Hello, dear Sarah! I followed you on instagram and was very upset when you disappeared. I am glad that i found you here, as i am also interested in Christian and children's literature. Unfortunately, i do not understand American speech, so i cannot listen to your podcast, but i can read your texts, as me smartphone translates them. You give a lot of useful information and inspire. Thank you!��❤

  2. Julia!! I am so happy you are here! I often miss all my Instagram friends so this makes me very happy. So great to hear from you! I wish there was a way to translate the podcast to another language but if there is, I do not know about it. I'm so happy you like the blog though!


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