Friday, April 2, 2021

Middle Grade March: the wrap-up

I was definitely pretty happy with the number of middle grade books I moved through in March, especially since I didn't know it was Middle Grade March until halfway through the month! I started quite a few I didn't finish due to content issues I wasn't happy with but still managed to finish a good number! Here are the reviews of those I finished: 

All-of-a-Kind Family... First time reading this gem from The Good and the Beautiful's free book list. I felt pretty meh about it, honestly. Not bad, not great, not super memorable. 

All Thirteen... I've already shared a review of this five-star middle grade nonfiction read here but I loved this book!!

Best Family Ever... After I read the first book in Karen Kingsbury's Baxter Family series I borrowed this first book of her middle grade series about the same family as children. This book is told from the perspectives of fourth grade Ashley and fifth grade Kari. I really loved the way family love and loyalty were so strong in this book. Definitely recommend, definitely going to read book 2 and 3. 

The Black Star of Kingston... This is like a companion book to SD Smith's Green Ember series. I am just not into fantasy but I really love SD Smith's writing and the gorgeous stories he's created in these Green Ember books. 

The Faithful Spy... This graphic novel of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's life was amazing! Highly recommend for middle school or even early high school. 

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them... Kinda boring, honestly. A was so excited to read this super short book but then he was bored too and didn't even finish it.  

Meet Rebecca*... This first book in the 1914 American Girl series is definitely better suited for the younger crowd. I haven't read the next five books but overall liked this one just fine! 
*Note: At some point they redid the series so there are two thicker books instead of six slim books. The set of six is no longer in print so the thicker first book is what I've linked. 

The Prince Warriors and the Unseen Invasion.... Second book in the Prince Warriors Christian middle grade series. I wish the kids were less snarky but generally fine. A will enjoy in a year or two. 

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