Sunday, May 23, 2021

Listening, Watching, Reading


🎧It's Not Supposed to be this Way... I love this Lysa TerKeurst audio book so far even though it doesn't really apply to my current life situation.


πŸ“ΊSurvivor... Ryan and I have just discovered this year that we love competition-style shows. He does like the competition element but both of us love the exploration of human emotion and personality. So much enneagram talk, my word. Season 2- we think Colby is a 3, Jerri is a sx 6, Mike is a 2, Alicia is an 8, Nick is a sp 9.

πŸ“ΊSeventh Heaven... This is on deck. I liked this show as a kid, though I've probably only seen ten full episodes if that, and was excited when I looked it up recently and read that this is "a mostly wholesome show about a minister and his wife trying to raise moral children in an increasingly permissible world," and that the show was "designed to tackle edgy issues in a way that allows parents and children to watch an episode together and have a deep conversation about what they think is the right choice and what they would do." I'm very much interested!


πŸ“šThe Alliance... This is an apocalyptic EMP story set inside an Amish community in Montana. I am so hooked that I used my Tyndale Reader Rewards* points on the sequel!

πŸ“šAwaking Wonder... I read through this review book super quickly last year but now I'm re-reading it more slowly, savoring Sally Clarkson's words on homeschool and motherhood.

πŸ“šGlimpsing Heaven... I just started this one yesterday! This is a secular book of accounts of people all claiming to have gotten a glimpse of heaven between being declared legally dead and being revived. I've had this book on my shelf for so long and I often think, "Why haven't I read that yet?!" so I'm very excited to finally be getting to it!

πŸ“šMay's Cake... My language Arts buddy read with kindergartner B. I liked this book when I read it before and she's definitely enjoying it!

πŸ“šThe Mouse and the Motorcycle... My language arts buddy read with second grader A. Not my very favorite book we've ever read and I wish the chapters were a hair shorter but still a good read!

πŸ“šStart Here Start Now... I definitely enjoy these morning life coach prompts! I'm nearly finished with this one.

*Have I told you about Tyndale Reader Rewards?! Completely free physical Christian books for simple tasks... Reading a new book's excerpt, taking fun quizzes, reviewing Tyndale books you've previously read, sharing a new book's release on social media, etc. If you use my referral link we both get extra points... And therefore extra books! 

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