Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Truly Living

Thinking a lot tonight about the concept of truly living and how that looks so different for everyone. And so different at different times, too. There was a time when truly living, for me, meant adventure. Traveling, exploring, experiencing. That was a truth for me back then. 

But right now truly living look so much slower and simpler. These days, truly living looks a lot like staying home. It looks like really seeing the gold flecks in my husband's green eyes and the missing teeth in our son's smile, the freckles on the bridge of one daughter's nose, the dimple in another's cheek, and the curls framing another's face. It looks like the sweet faces of our pets and the gorgeous green nature all around us. 

It looks like savoring each of their five different voices and laughs, hearing the excitement when they talk about things that light them up, wrapping our arms around each other. Singing my favorite songs and swaying my hips while I use my hands to cook meals that taste good and make us feel good. 

It looks like reading and then reflecting on or chatting about good books-- especially while curled up in my favorite sweater and sipping my favorite tea from my favorite mug. It looks like sticking an envelope full of love in the mailbox, like watching the sun set with the love of my life, like board games with the four greatest kids. Pilates in my bedroom, dance parties in the kitchen, hikes in our own backyard. 

Right now, this is what truly living looks like for me. Truly living means truly loving these five beautiful souls and this life we've crafted together.

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