Friday, July 16, 2021


You can't sum a person up in an essay-- especially one who had 75 years of life.

I have so many memories I could never name them all... roller skating at the park with her, walking through a corn maze together with my first baby in a carrier on my chest, family camping trips, taking me to lunch, coming to my first grade classroom because I wanted her to be my Show-and-Tell item. All the long conversations- sitting in her kitchen until 1am or talking on the phone until my ear burned.

I remember hiding in her utility room to cry when my cousin Barbara died, and I remember Grandma coming to find me and hold me. I wish she would come find me and hold me now, too. 

I just can't sum her up in a few short paragraphs but I guess I am going to try anyway.

Grandma was sweet. She was always so sweet, except for when she was sassy.

She was one of those people who truly meant it when she said "family first." She was always looking at pictures of people and pointing out who in the family they looked like. She so loved to find connections between all of us and all of her family of origin... I like to write just like her mama, we each had a girl born at 3:16 as our second baby, my husband is a mechanic just like her daddy was. We would all make certain facial expressions or say certain things and she would say, "Oh, you just reminded me so much of __!"

She loved stories about pioneers and covered wagons, loved travel, loved yellow roses, loved to read, loved babies.

She was nostalgic, sentimental, tender- hearted... yet strong and bold when she needed to be.

She showed me I have great worth as a wife and a mother, taught me how to sew, instilled values of integrity in all of us, and left such a legacy.

When I pour over old photos, cards, letters, and emails, I see with overwhelming clarity how deep, real, and true her love was. 


Her love is still here with us even if she isn't. 

She's rocking all the babies we never got to meet. She's breathing deeply, no oxygen tank required. Yesterday she sat and visited, probably until 1am, with her mama and Jesus.

I miss her and I wish I could hug her one more time but I am so excited for her and this new adventure. 


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