Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The end of an era

When we bought this property, our hearts just knew this was where we belonged. We had these beautiful, noble intentions and I can honestly say we savored this place. We took a hideous, unfinished shack with a hole in its plywood floor and we made it a home. We made it ours. We filled it with love and laughter. 

We picked out spots where each of our children might someday build homes of their own. We talked about being buried here someday, on this land we have tended and loved. 

And now we are leaving. Soon. 

If you had asked me, this time two weeks ago, when we would move? "Never!" But now leaving feels as right as could be. 

We're moving far away, moving closer to family, moving towards a new beginning and new connections and new memories. 

It's amazing, honestly. 

I've realized this week that my identity (which is first and foremost Child of God) had begun to look, even to me, like mountain woman

It's not. 

Wife. Mama. Daughter. Sister. Grandaughter. Aunt. Life-liver. Joy-chooser. Memory-maker. Love-spreader. 

The location is just details. 

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  1. I love your blog. A new adventure awaits you! Another house is begging for your love and laughter to fill its walls! I have a feeling that any house you live in will always quickly become a home filled with faith, hope, and love! Congratulations on your new journey!


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