Sunday, August 15, 2021

Happy Links

How to teach a kid to swim freestyle! 

Have I shared our favorite natural deodorant before? It's hard to find a good natural brand but Ryan and I both love the Sport version. 

Loved this podcast episode, Melanie Dobson talking about writing split-time Christian fiction!  

I made these carrot cake overnight oats for the family. Everyone liked them better warm so next time I'll just do baked oatmeal but it worked out overall!  

A list of amusement parks in the Americas! 

Did you ever watch 7th Heaven? We've been very slowly watching season one and I just love it! 

Getting things prepped for the first day of this homeschool year and enjoying a glimpse at other bloggers' homeschool archives... That Mama Gretchen // Money Saving Mom // Everyday Reading // Modern Mrs Darcy // Madison Vining // and of course looking back on our own homeschool posts, too! 

I ordered handwriting books, this birdwatching notebook, and this cute scissors book for little D. 

My brother and I want to order one of these family tree books for each of us and work on them together. How great to be able to pass these on to our children someday! 

I love the message in this Dude Dad video for parents 🤗

Bonus NOT HAPPY link: Have you heard about the Church of Facebook? It very much concerns me. I really hope it flops and goes away. 

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