Monday, September 13, 2021

Happy Healthy Life- Day 1!

It's been well-documented that my generation is the first expected to see a shorter lifespan than our parents, but last week I read an article estimating that 1 out of 3 millennials has an autoimmune disease. One out of three! Is under attack by his or her own body! 

So many friends and family members are experiencing horrible health issues right now and I'm feeling way off my game thanks to a whole bunch of little not-so-healthy choices that all add up. 

So many excuses! Moving disrupted my routines. I've been stressed and worried about several family members. I'm grieving. These stores carry different foods from the ones I'm used to... All true, none true reasons to throw good health out the window. 

Today I'm back in the saddle! 

💙 Back to real, whole, unprocessed foods, even when new-to-me packaged goodies are calling my name. 
💙 Being mindful about my water intake- drinking lots and lots of water! 
💙 I've still been working out but my workouts have gotten lazier so it's time to reign that in! Strength training every morning, gentle cardio a few days each week 
💙 Back to a normal daily rhythm which includes good sleep habits and ending my nights by reading a chapter instead of watching a few episodes! 
💙 Daily fresh air, even though it's hot and the worst. 
💙 Lower stress... Pretty easily achieved through prayer + airplane mode most of the day! 

I learned long ago that I am what Gretchen Rubin calls an obliger... My goals are best achieved when I'm accountable to others! So I'm going to be blogging more about my healthy lifestyle choices to keep myself accountable and hopefully that will inspire you, too! 

Let's get healthy together! 💙 

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