Saturday, September 4, 2021

Home Economics

You can take this quiz for yourself right here

I have said for years that I wish I'd taken a home ec class in my younger years. I often hear people talk about it being an outdated class and that surprises me. First, because many women my age and younger are pushing back and fighting to be able to stay home with their children, at least during the early years. Second, because even if both partners choose to work full-time their home still needs to be run and maintained, doesn't it? 

I've learned a lot through books and blogs but I'd like my kids to have a head start on these things. So we're starting home ec now, at an early age, and we'll continue to learn together until they graduate. 

These are the home ec life skills we are prioritizing: 

🏠 Responsibility... Why does it matter? 
🏠 Organizational systems 
🏠 Housekeeping 
🏠 Cooking + proper nutrition 
🏠 Sewing + shop class... Basic repairs for the things we already own 
🏠 Home finance, including frugality 
🏠 Aesthetic... Making a house a home! 
🏠 Family relationships... Good communication + conflict resolution skills 

I'm excited to both impart my own wisdom and learn alongside them, to strengthen my own skills and to work together to make our next house a home!


  1. I just took that quiz! That was fun and informative ... I realized I definitely need to take a Home Ec class myself! Thanks for posting it! Hope your little ones enjoy their Home Economics classes!

  2. I just took that little Home Economics quiz you posted. It was fun and informative. I definitely need to take a Home Ec class myself though LOL. Hope your little ones enjoy their Home Economics lessons this year!


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