Monday, October 18, 2021

Homeschool Last Week

Fun homeschool week! We had my grandma's burial + a long drive back on Monday so the rest of the week was a breath of fresh air! 

Morning time- We memorized Psalm 118:24 and alternated between The Jesus Storybook Bible and Everybody Always for Kids as morning read-alouds. We also review previous verses some days and the virtues from In This House We Will Giggle others. 

Reading- Buddy reading with each kid is my very favorite part of homeschool! Quiet, snuggly one-on-one time that often leads to deep book discussion... The best! I'm currently reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with A, Christmas Stories with B, Mercy Watson to the Rescue with C, and Mouse Cookies with D. The older three are also memorizing a new Greek root each week... A has already encountered two words in his personal reading which he didn't know but still essentially understood thanks to these root words! (Antivenom and aquaduct)

Writing- My homemade "Daily Grams" notebook is still working pretty great for grammar, spelling, and punctuation principles. This week also included letter writing for friends, journaling, and the older two kiddos' creative writing books. 

Math- Our Simply Good and Beautiful Math order came in last week and biiiiig sigh of relief as we all adore them. There's nothing inherently wrong with Life of Fred but this is a better for for us. Each kid also has his or her own calendar we use each morning and Block Buddies (tangrams) have been popular around here again this week. 

Preschool- D is three and won't start a more serious preschool regimen (which will still be super light) until next year. This week she enjoyed her TGTB handwriting book, scissors practice, our buddy read time, and counting things with Mama. 

Electives- We're still focused on the brain for science via My First Book About the Brain. The Story of the World + the timeline on our What We Are Learning board. A does a weekly kid-friendly government/economy lesson with Dad. Simple atlas + map work for geography. We're learning about our new state for social studies. Handwriting (usually while I read our morning read-aloud)

Gameschool- I like to do four days of solid bookwork and one day of buddy reads + gameschool! This week we did gameschool on Friday and played Yahtzee (then a card game version of Yahtzee that A made up), Professor Noggins Human Body trivia, and a homemade Catchphrase game (What kind of noun is this- person, place, or thing? Okay now describe this noun). 

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