Sunday, November 28, 2021

Deck the Halls with my Friends and Family!

I always like to encourage people to shop small and in their local communities. Still, I always wind up getting some things online and I bet you do, too! Here is a list of the ways your purchases can support us, my friends, and my family this year. 

If you're buying books, we'd love for you to buy them through our Bookshop shop. You pay the same price but buying any books you want through our link gives us a 10% commission. 

If you're looking for comic books, manga, and vintage collectibles then check out my brother's store-- The Galactic Geek- on Mercari

My sweet friend Tawny sells Young Living essential oils and products... Might I recommend Christmas Spirit oil? The best scent!! 

My husband's sweet cousin Emily sells vegan hair and skincare products through Monat. 

My friend Rae takes beautiful family portraits in Arizona

My friend Heidi makes beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces using Northern Arizona nature and sells it via Instagram. 

My friend Natasha sells clothing liquidation through The Northern Sea and jewelry-making supplies through The Violet Room

Gretchen sells all kinds of goodies on her second-hand Instagram shop

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