Tuesday, November 30, 2021

One Christmas book at a time

My name won't ever be up in lights and no one will know who I am a hundred years from now. I still fall asleep each night knowing I matter

I'm making his life brighter, setting a loving foundation for them. I make all kinds of mistakes and will never be a perfect wife or mama but I don't have to be perfect to be the best wife and mama for my family. 

I am making their Christmas magical and that matters. The special ornament each year, the Christmas light drives, the different Christmas picture book each night- that matters. 

When they look back some day, these are the things they'll remember. They won't remember every gift they received or how clean the kitchen was each day of December but they will remember how it felt to snuggle up and be read to and which book was their favorite. 

They'll hear a Christmas song and remember the smell of sugar cookies baking while we danced in front of the Christmas tree or the taste of the chai-nog I made for them. I'm crafting a magical Christmas one picture book, one special treat, one Christmas light at a time. 

I am enough. 

So are you. 

*The book in the photo is The Polar Express 

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