Tuesday, November 23, 2021

recent kid reads

The Bicycle Spy... I listened to this WWII resistance story as an Audio book. Wonderful! 

The Boy on the Wooden Box... This WWII memoir (by a boy who was protected by Schindler) was of course sad but was also deeply inspiring as the author had a beautiful, character-rich spirit of optimism. I added this one to my kids' 6th grade list. 

Caddie Woodlawn... I often see this one as "better than Little House" but I still prefer Laura Ingalls. Still, I liked this one, but it's filled with the typical racism towards Native Americans of that time period so this is a good one to discuss first.  

The Cricket in Times Square... This book was a lot cuter than I was expecting. I'll check out the sequel soon. 

The Doll People... I loved imagining that my toys were alive when I was a kid and would have adored this book! I added it to my kids' 4th grade list. 

Riddle of the Prairie Bride... This story is History Mystery #12 and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I knew the gist of what was going to happen but I didn't have all the details completely worked out so that made for a good mystery in my opinion. I added this to my kids' 6th grade reading list. 

What is the Declaration of Independence... This wasn't my very favorite book ever but it was fine. Added it to the 6th grade book list. 

Who is Marie Curie... Didn't love this one... DNF. 

The Whole Bible Story*... This is a great book to really summarize the bible. I've been enjoying reading this after reading a scripture passage to make sure I really understood what I read. I think this book is really helpful and I'm sure the adult version is, too! I haven't decided yet if this is going onto the 6th or 7th grade list. 

*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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