Sunday, December 26, 2021

Our Gameschool Day + Favorite Games

I like to do four regular homeschool days each week and one gameschool day, usually on Fridays. 

At the time of this post my children's grades: 
A- 3rd grade 
B- 1st grade 
C- Kindergarten 
D- Preschool 

Morning time for me (prayer, gratitude journaling, affirmations, the book of Isaiah again, A Family Shaped by Grace) while the kids eat breakfast, breakfast for me while the kids clean up after themselves. 

Morning time- I read them a devotional from How Great is Our God, we work in their calendars, and we review our memory work + Greek roots.  

We play The Game of Life before buddy reads (Lost on a Mountain in Maine for A, Jem Strikes Gold for B, Mercy Watson for C, and Little Penguins for D). 

I read a chapter from our history book, The Story of the World, while the kids eat a snack. 

I help C write to her pen pal while A and B work on books they're making. 

A plays Prodigy online with my cousin... This is a Pokemon-esque math game. You can get extra perks with a membership but we just utilize the free basic version. 

We all eat lunch together as a family since Dad works from home. 💙  

Quiet time! I write and work through review books while the kids read, draw, do puzzles, and "play pretend as long as it's semi quiet." 

We take a short walk and the girls collect nature items to add to their "nature bucket." 

My brother and sister-in-law bought us a really neat video game console called Retron. It plays all kinds of old games so we plug in an old Gameboy Advance game and all play Risk on the TV. 

The kids play and do their own thing for the afternoon while I do dishes and prep dinner. We all put away laundry while dinner cooks. 

Dinner, showers + teeth + pajamas. 

Ryan and D have a date to pretend play that they are bears so the big kids and I chat. 

I read a picture book (The Quiltmaker's Gift) and then everybody reads in their bed for a few minutes. (D looks at pictures) 


  1. We also have the game "Life"! In the same exact design, only in Russian. My son is 12 years old, but we still play it sometimes.

    1. I never really imagined that board games get translated! Very interesting.


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