Friday, December 10, 2021

Our holiday homeschool day

We take a much more relaxed approach in December because the meaning and spirit of this season are so precious to me! We still do all of their usual subjects, just not all of them each day. 

Wake up! Breakfast for them, morning time for me, then breakfast for me while they clean up after themselves. We all do a few minutes of chores and then gather at the table for morning time. 

Morning time- I read the poem A Mother Who Reads to Me by Jenny Phillips and we learn this week's Greek root, go over the virtues we've learned about this year, practice our Spanish sentence (Mi camisa es ___), grab our US map and review the location of the state's they know so far, and work on their current memory work- the lyrics to Oh Holy Night (their choice, surprisingly!) 

The girls want to watch our Christmas photo slideshow so I have B and C read their buddy reads (Ollie the Ox for B, Mercy Watson Princess in Disguise for C) aloud to me while I set it up. 

I read from The Jesus Storybook Bible while they each do a handwriting page and then they all take a snack break. 

D and I do some counting practice and then I read Wee Three Pigs to her (pretty cute), and then A and I read our buddy read- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Dad comes out of the office for lunch together as a family (I love this so much!) and then we have quiet time. 

A sweet talks me into reading one more chapter of Harry Potter with him, I do everybody's math lessons, and then they sign a few Christmas cards together while I slice up apples for their snack. 

The kids all play for a couple hours while I do laundry and make dinner, we listen to an episode of Bedtime History Podcast before dinner is done, and then we go about our night which ends with a Christmas picture book (Silver Packages, a good one!) 

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