Wednesday, January 5, 2022

A great devotional for men

I pretty constantly find books about inspiring women, books meant to encourage my daughters to dream big and break glass ceilings. 

I'm glad my girls are growing up in a time where they feel valuable to God and to the men (Dad, grandpas, uncles) in their lives. I'm glad they already see the beauty in their God-given femininity and have never had a reason to feel less-than simply because they lack a Y chromosome. 

But what about boys? I want my son to do more than exist for his own enjoyment. I want him to grow and thrive, to live a rich and beautiful life as a man of integrity! I want him to know the Lord and follow him, to be inspired and to be inspiring! 

I'm always on the lookout for boys and men who did great things so my son can grow up with shelves of inspiring leaders to look up to. I'm always on the lookout for books that will challenge and grow him, books that will help mold him into a man of honor. 

I am excited to have found a great devotional, Kingdom Men Rising*, to present to him as an older teenager. 

I'm not the target audience for this book at first glace but I still jumped at the chance to review it because I know I am mothering not just a boy, but also a future man. 

I found the messages to be powerful and precise, a short devotion that packs a punch following a short scripture passage and followed by action steps and a prayer. 

"Without a clear understanding of kingdom success, we won't know what to invest in with our time, talents, and treasures. Whatever a man sows will be what he reaps. But Satan often gets men to sow into the wrong things because of this misunderstanding of authentic success." 

"One of the most important lessons to learn in your development as a kingdom man is that your own choices are what lead to a dire state of distress in your life." 

"If we, as kingdom men, collectively choose to follow Christ by cultivating a relationship with Him and submitting to His rule, we will produce life." 

*I received a free copy of Kingdom Men Rising in exchange for an honest review. 

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