Monday, January 17, 2022

Counting my blessings

The world is crazy. Gratitude will get me through. Here I am, counting every blessing

Reading in the bathtub. 

A favorite hoodie paired with pocket leggings and fuzzy socks. 

Little girls giggling long past bedtime, best friends now and best friends for life. 

Listening in on late night chats between my two favorite fellas- my boy and his dad. 

Finding the perfect GIF to insert into a text. 


Clean drinking water. 

Cool and cloudy winter days. 

How good my legs feel after a long walk. 

Living room dance parties with my favorite people. 

Reading a good bedtime book that has my kids reflecting on parallels in their own lives. 

My big, floppy sun hat. 

The warmth in my hands when I hold a mug of hot tea. 


Humming along to good music while I chop veggies and simmer soup on the stove. 

New board games for our next Gameschool day. 

Falling asleep each night and waking up each morning beside my best friend. 

Funny memories that pop into your head and make you laugh out loud. 


The smell of rain. 

What are you thankful for today? 

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