Thursday, January 27, 2022

Our Homeschool Day

Here's a homeschool day from earlier this month. A is 8, B is 6, C is 5, and D is 4. 

We start with our memory verse- Jeremiah 29:11 this week. 

The kids work on their morning journals (which today is simply listing out five things they are grateful for) and their daily language arts work. Today they are simply working on their spelling words and Greek roots. 

I read a chapter of The Jesus Storybook Bible aloud while the kids work on their handwriting books. No one is quite finished with their handwriting so I start reading aloud from our current science unit, Ecosystems via The Good and the Beautiful. Once A finishes his handwriting he starts to cut out some items needed for the end of the science unit. 

Everyone is hungry so they take a snack break and have half a banana each before A decides to read a Toy Story comic book aloud to them. 

I do math with my big three (The Good and the Beautiful for all of them). 

We break for lunch and then quiet time and during quiet time A works on a book he has been working on creating. 

After quiet time I read with each kid. Little D and I do some counting practice together and we read What Do You Do With a Chance. (Lovely!) C and I finally finish The Christmas Dolls, B and I read a chapter of Jem Strikes Gold, and A and I read a chapter of Lost on a Mountain in Maine

We spend a little time playing outside and then the kids get to finish the second half of a movie they started yesterday while I flit around doing a few of the chores and tasks on my to-do list. I sneak in a chapter of my current read, too. 

B and I work in the kitchen together because I'm teaching each child to cook by having a different dinner helper each night. We're making breakfast for dinner tonight. Everyone chats and enjoys a meal together and then gets ready for bed. 

I read a picture book aloud to everyone- Rescue and Jessica, pretty good! They all climb into bed with their own respective books and read a couple of chapters (D looks at pictures) before lights out. 

I chat with my husband, write out tomorrow's language arts work in their notebooks, and get myself ready for bed + a couple of chapters! 

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