Tuesday, April 26, 2022


I think I shared one sentence about Blink in a links post a couple of years ago but I'll remedy that today. 

You all know I'm always pre-reading books for my kids' shelves in our home library. (This is as time consuming as it sounds, but worth it. You wouldn't believe some of atrocities I've come across in children's books!!) 

I was just telling my mom the other day about the ratios in our shelves. I would estimate that 80% of our picture books and leveled readers are secular books. We have some delightful Christian books we read again and again (Gracie's Garden, Because I Love You, ) but I'm also quite happy with so many secular books at that level (The Snatchabook, The Quiltmaker's Gift, Miss Rumphius, Corduroy). 

Probably only about 10% of their chapter books are Christian books. We love Imagination Station and Gold Town Beginnings but I'm also perfectly happy with WellieWishers, The Princess in Black, and The Lighthouse Family

Once we move into the middle grade level (4th-ish through 8th-ish grade reading levels) it starts getting harder to find wholesome books that meet my standards. The ratio moves steadily up in favor of Christian books with each grade level until we hit about 50% at that 8th grade reading level. The Serpent Slayer, Hunger Winter, The Edge of Everywhen!  

Our high school shelves are still pretty sparse for now but they're about 90% Christian books. They contain a few classics and a few secular books on science or history topics, then we have a few Christian YA novels (Fawkes! The Delusion!) and a few adult Christian fiction novels I think teenagers will enjoy (The Key to Everything, Whose Waves These Are, Dear Mr. Knightley). 

I have trouble finding Christian or appropriate YA novels. Thomas Nelson and B & H have a few. Tyndale has a baby YA imprint, Wander

Now I'm excited to put a little more time and energy into Blink. Blink is a "clean" YA imprint featuring primarily secular novels, some by Christian authors. 

I first learned about Blink from a great clean YA source, Hope Prose podcast. They interviewed author CJ Lyons so I read her book The Color of Lies and was happy to have found a clean read that contained no sex, drugs, cussing, or drug use! It wasn't technically the kind of book i love to read but it was clean

Last week I got to go into the city and explore a Christian bookstore which happened to be selling many Blink books clearanced to $1! 

Blink books I now have on my shelf and will eventually try: 

Between Before and After- a family mystery that spans from 1918-1955, a mother-daughter bond, and a struggle through depression. 

Meet the Sky- family, a hurricane, and a deeper understanding of what matters in life

Losing Brave- A missing twin sister and the mental journey caused by the anguish. This one sounds really good but not very hopeful. 

Within These Lines-  A WWII story about an Italian-American young woman and a Japanese-American young man. 

Swing-  A coming-of-age story in verse about brothers and their changing desires for their lives

Touch of Gold- a story about King Midas' daughter!  

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