Sunday, May 29, 2022

5 Non-book things I am currently loving

This is a book-focused blog so books are what show up here but I'm a whole entire, well-rounded person with lots of non-book hobbies + interests, too! 

💙 Printing + labeling all our digital photos! This is a heck of a job and I sure wish I'd kept up on it but what can ya do?! I'm printing $5 or $10 worth of photos per grocery trip and we are all so happy to have them in our hands!

💙 Pilates! I have loved Pilates since the first day I tried it, in high school! I sometimes take up other exercises I feel like I "should" be doing but right now I've dropped all the shoulds and I'm just loving my simple routine of Pilates + walking/aerobics!

💙 Grocery dates! I used to always go get groceries by myself but now I am taking a different kid each time and were all so happy with this! It may not be a FUN date (though I always make sure to incorporate something fun, too) but it is so nice to just be together one-on-one.

💙 Gardening. I don't know why but i just really love vegetable gardening! This year has been weird so very light but we will add a little more each year! 

💙 Creating a little sanctuary for myself + my family here in this new home, working on all the little ways to make our home (indoor and outdoor) a cozy safe haven from the storms of life. 

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