Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Healthy Bookworm

Water, water, water, water!

Great warm weather lunch: simple salad (romaine, shredded carrots, red onion, pumpkin + sunflower seeds, black garlic hummus as a dressing) and a lazy "peach crisp" (frozen peaches warmed up + Purely Elizabeth original granola

Get outside! Grounding (standing barefoot on the Earth) is a great way to balance out your body's electrons with the Earth's magnetic field (made by God) instead of with all the electronics (made by man) in our homes, offices, cars, etc. Read this for more info

We have hot cereal one night each week but now that it's warming up that night becomes Smoothie Bowl Night. This one is an acai bowl with blueberries, bananas, hemp hearts, nuts, and Go Raw's chocolate sprouted granola... Big hit for all six of us! 

Get Well Soon by Laura Harris Smith... Such an awesome book! This one is essentially a big book of prayers for specific health improvements (though it can be used as a precautionary prayer) with specific, science-backed nutrition to implement for improving each specific body system. Highly recommend! 

Threw together the yummiest lunch bowl the other day... Garlic, onion, kale, chickpeas, leftover quinoa. I like a sauce on these bowls so I dumped my daughter's leftover Amy's French Country Vegetable soup on top. 

Pilates! I have loved Pilates since around 2003 and I try other things (HIIT, Barre, kickboxing aerobics) but I always come back to my four beloved favorites: dance, Pilates, walking, aqua aerobics. Lately I've been loving Blogilates as my Pilates instructor. 

Last week's big soup vat: white bean + kale soup! I skipped the green beans since my main soup buddy isn't a fan. We loved this one and we'll definitely make it again! 

Current bedtime routine: soft music + stretch, tea (this one is Numi's Turmeric Amber Sun with a splash of Nutpods creamer) + a good book 

You are not your body... But it is what carries your beautifully unique mind and soul around. Your mind isn't as sharp and your heart isn't as warm and open when your body hurts or isn't functioning properly. Take care of your strong, amazing body to take care of your beautiful heart and mind 💙

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