Tuesday, June 14, 2022

2022 Homeschool prep

I've been working on our 2022 homeschool year prep work this week and I am switching from our what we've been learning board to a binder! I got this idea after seeing someone else's morning menus YouTube video but I can't seem to find that video now. I went ahead and made one for the rest of this month and we have liked having it all laid out in one place so far. I only printed out August because I want us to be certain we like it before I waste any paper or ink printing out other months but I am a big fan of this system so far. 

I will be ordering the bulk of our supplies and materials from The Good and the Beautiful next month but in the meantime I have picked a couple things up used, on clearance, or heavily discounted. 

I got this for A's creative writing, free with trade at a used bookstore, and he is so excited for it! 

My mother-in-law got a couple of things from our list too. 

I truly adore homeschool and this prep time makes me feel so giddy! 

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