Friday, June 3, 2022

Bookish links June 2022

Why the south is such a popular setting for stories... Interesting. I love reading books set in the south over the summer! 

For your YouTube watch list... Nadine Brandes if you're a fiction writer // the best Bible journaling videos by Bible Bujo (short for BUllet JOurnal) // health instead of books but- 5 reasons Christians should care about their health more 

Another super cute book-printed dress

This hand-drawn essay is about tea and home but those go hand-in-hand with my cozy book life so maybe you'll love it, too. Home is a cup of tea

And if you do love that cozy, cuppa tea book life? Is this not the most feel-good puzzle ever? 

I haven't read the recommendations here and can't speak to these books' content but this is an interesting article on the psychology of beach reads // 13 Christian beach reads from 2019 

Trying to make myself love summer... Here's my summer inspiration board

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