Monday, June 6, 2022

Summer Reading for Grownups!

I have so many fond reading memories from the summer reading programs my mom signed us up for as kids. 

Of course the big one was the library. Our town had a really awesome program and the prizes included swim passes, movie passes, restaurant meals, and of course free books! I'm sure there were plenty of annoying plastic toys for my mom to deal with but I of course do not remember any of those! I also loved the summer reading programs at book stores and restaurants like Fazoli's and Pizza Hut. 

As an adult I enjoy helping my kids participate in local summer reading programs but it gives me some extra warm and fuzzy feelings when I get to participate in summer reading too! 

I am very grateful for Tyndale and they're awesome summer reading fun through the Tyndale reader rewards program.

Tyndale is a Christian publisher offering fiction, nonfiction, and children's book selections so there is something there for everyone. You can sign up your children and teenagers... And yourself! 

The reader rewards program is actually available all year long and is completely free. Even the book's you win/earn are completely free, no shipping costs. 


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  1. Summer reading programs are a great idea! In my childhood, this was not yet, but now we also offer reading programs to children in libraries.


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