Friday, July 1, 2022


I have been reading and loving yet another book by one of the Clarksons. This one (Journeys of Faithfulness) was written by Sarah when she was very young, I believe still in high school! I am amazed at how well-written it is. So much better than anything I ever wrote as a teenager! 

There is a chapter where she is writing about Mary and Joseph and the pain Mary must have felt when Joseph didn't believe her. She is talking about suffering and has Joseph say, "I think this earth is a dark place. The whole world is veiled in black night, and even when we love God, we still live among the shadows. To struggle is part of life in this world." 

I suppose that quote by itself feels a bit depressing even though I think it is quite true. 

For all the joy I feel when I watch my babies run through the sprinkler and hear their delighted giggles, I know that there is just as much pain out there in that exact moment for others. I know that I myself have been the one grieving and mourning and sobbing with an ache in my chest while someone elsewhere was laughing, feeling happier than they'd ever felt before. 

There is certainly pain in this world. There is certainly darkness in this world. Some of it which feels impossibly hard to bear. But then Joseph says this- 

"The Stars, Mary, they are like hope." 

"Night by night, I began to watch the stars, and the light gave me hope." 

"Clings to that light. Do not despair. God will be good to us, even when we cannot see how he is helping us. I learned that in my nights in the fields. The clouds of my despair did not change the goodness of God's plan. But the stars helped me to remember. They light even the blackest night. And, my Mary, morning is coming. Morning always comes in the end. You must hold to that. And count the Stars we can see." 

Whatever you are going through, whatever news has you feeling anxious, remember that God has always and will always shine light into the dark. 

I am absolutely loving this book so think women will enjoy it as well but this is written for teens and I am very much excited to put it on my daughters' high school bookshelves! 

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  1. This morning I woke up in a bad mood, I was tormented by various sad thoughts. But then, dear Sarah, I went to your blog and read all those wonderful quotes. Now I am back to normal and ready to enjoy life!๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•


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