Friday, August 12, 2022

3 new Christian children's books

The Dreamkeeper's Saga, book 2: The Prince and the Blight by Kathryn Butler*... I liked the first book of this series but I loved this one! This is where the rich gospel allegory really comes alive and starts to shine. At the same time, because of the allegorical nature, it also just reads like a good high fantasy novel that'll still interest and excite secular readers or Christian kids who are reluctant to try Christian fiction. This middle grade novel is ideal for those in the late Elementary School to Middle School range.

Stay This Way Forever by Linsey Davis... I love this precious book in which a mama is telling her children about all of the beautiful things that God has placed in the hearts of children, like childlike wonder and curiosity, and is telling her child to hold on to those things as they grow older or to stay this way forever. This book is so sweet and touching and I also really enjoyed the illustrations. I actually got this for $1 recently and I couldn't believe it! This is ideal for children agrees 3-7. 

You Can Shine So Bright by Jinger and Jeremy Cuomo*... This picture book is by Jinger Duggar and her husband. It's about the fruits of the spirit and I love the description and examples used to pain a picture for little ones. This is ideal for children agrees 3-7. 

* I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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