Monday, August 1, 2022

Bookish links, August 2022

A Buzzfeed quiz for bookworms... Which famous literary heroine are you? (I'm the second Mrs. DeWinter from Rebecca?!) 

This pretty bookshop puzzle 😍 

How these Christian fiction authors celebrate the completion of a novel 

4 tips for creating a realistic writing rhythm 

A few Christian fiction books with teacher main characters in honor of back-to-school month: Before I Called You Mine // The Dead Don't Dance // The Edge of Belonging // The Moonlight School 

So many great books on Tyndale's list of WWII fiction delights! 

13 scientifically-proven reasons you should read more books 

An easy guide to poetic terms 

I'm not much of a jewelry-wearer (and don't actually have pierced ears anymore!) But I can still appreciate when other people wear cute bookish jewelry 

I think I might be reading A Thousand Tomorrows soon so I can dive into the TV version on Pureflix when it's ready! 

Currently reading: Acts in my Bible // Irena's Children // The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs. Kip 


  1. My mom completed a puzzle of classic books recently

  2. I took the literary heroine quiz just for fun. I got Emma Woodhouse! I love it! Very fitting!


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