Tuesday, September 20, 2022

4 Christian New Releases

Brain Washed by Manny Arango*... This book absolutely made me think and reflect. There were parts of it that I loved and parts of it that I didn't care for or didn't agree with, but in a good way, because I had to sit there thinking and reflecting to figure out how I actually felt about what was brought up. Maybe that might not be for you but I am of the opinion that that is exactly what I need from a good Christian non-fiction! I will never fully agree with every single point a person makes because we are two different people with different life journeys and experiences, different convictions, and different personalities. Overall I think this was a very refreshing read and I got a lot out of it.

The Clutter Fix by Shannon Acheson*... I think housekeeping and cleaning/ decluttering books are one of those subjects that probably just don't interest a huge group of people (although so many of these books being published does imply that that is an inaccurate assumption) but I happen to enjoy books like this. Or my Enneagram one-wing does anyway! This book in particular is extra fun because she dives into more than just the obvious steps you could quickly find in a short blog post, such as with a fun decluttering style personality framework ! I really like Shannon Acheson's writing and look forward to more books from her in the future.

The Inkwell Chronicles: The Ink of Elspet by JD Peabody*... This middle grade book is about an 11 year old boy and his eight year old little sister so I feel like it works really great for the fifth and sixth grade crowd. Children older can definitely enjoy it and advanced readers who are slightly younger can also enjoy it too. This is a great adventure story and I really appreciated that it was so wholesome and clean but I especially appreciated all the fabulous nods to classic children's literature period I won't spoil how that comes up but it is such a fun delight!

Who Are You and What Have You Done With My Kid by Amanda Craig*... I absolutely loved this parenting book specifically geared toward parenting tweens, the 8 to 12 year old crowd. My oldest is nine years old and the next in line is 7 and a half so this book is very timely for me. I am of course in the earlier stages of tween parenting but I have already noticed quite a bit of what the author talked about. I got a lot out of this book and so did my tween as I red him short passages here and there and we had a lot of discussions about what I was reading and how some of those things are currently coming up in his life. Highly recommend to parents of that middle grade crowd!

* I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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