Saturday, September 10, 2022

Healthy Bookworm 3

These are all from May. 

One night of the week is our hot cereal dinner night- oatmeal, rice cereal, quinoa-buckwheat, etc. During the hotter months it turns into smoothie bowl night instead! 

Activated charcoal face mask! It allegedly helps with detoxification and I need all the help I can get right now. 

The weirdest snack plate lunches happen on the last day of each grocery cycle... Broccoli with a cashew cream "queso," the last three cherry tomatoes, zucchini banana muffin, a few nuts, pineapple + raspberries, and green juice! 

Enjoying nature 💙 Did you know purple is the rarest color in nature?

Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss... this book was equal parts fascinating and infuriating. The money behind food science is truly sickening and it is so alarming to learn of all the things that have gone into processed food and the industry booming. I eat so healthy these days but still struggle with some health issues as a result of all the years I didn't understand health. When I listened to this audiobook I was constantly shaking my head and actually feeling so impressed with my body for handling all that abuse as well as it has! 

More nature... Cactus flowers! 

Vegetable sushi... wasn't super impressed for the price and probably won't ever get it again. Also, there were cucumber pieces in the holes but I just didn't like the cucumber in that combo so I pulled all of those out and ate them separately before finishing the rest of the sushi LOL 

Raw sugar is my latest natural deodorant find. My very favorite is Sam's sport and it works so well but the baking soda in it irritates my very sensitive skin so badly. This raw sugar deodorant, which I found at Target of all places, is a very similar ingredients list but with no baking soda. It does not work as well as Sam's but it works well enough and smells good enough that I am pretty happy with it. I definitely still felt sweaty and stinky during the hottest days of summer but I kind of feel like there is no deodorant in the world that is going to make me not feel sweaty and stinky when it is over 100°, am I right? 

From another smoothie bowl... I love it so much when I get the consistency just right and take the lid off to find these pretty swirls in my blender!


  1. It's so interesting! Sarah, you're so good at eating right. But I can't give up all sorts of harmful goodies. And I'm constantly eating stress.

    1. Well, I didn't know what I was doing for a long time! I had to change my habits little by little. It's all a journey!


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