Saturday, December 17, 2022

6 recent audio books

A Night Divided... This secular middle grade novel was a great read for the 7th and 8th grade crowd, even 9th grade! This about family, freedom, and the Berlin Wall. 

Come Back to Me... it is cold and snowy so things have changed and my workouts are happening with my kids in earshot now. I was so excited about this time travel Christian fiction novel but there was so much talk about lust and desire that I ended up returning it unfinished, not comfortable listening to that when my kids are able to walk right up and hear it. If you are okay with that content it was working fine as an audiobook but I'm sure print is great too.

The Italian Ballerina... I loved this World War II time slip! This is set in a couple different places in Italy, England, and Indiana. This is about the World War II fake epidemic, Syndrome K, which was invented to help rescue people. I do feel that this would have worked better in a print format since I rewinded multiple times to figure out what year and location we were in but I still thoroughly enjoyed it even as an audiobook.

The Fifth Avenue Story Society... I was so disappointed to have to return this book unfinished. I was very interested in the secret behind the story society and whoever had created it and I was already pretty invested in multiple characters and their story lines but on three different occasions something about lust and desire was said with my kids a little too close for comfort. The final straw was when a divorced couple was in a situation where the woman's breast was exposed to the man. Fortunately none of the kids were nearby for that part, but still. It didn't work for me for that reason but I likely would have put it down even in print format at that point. 

Where the Road Bends... I really enjoyed this book and think Nora gave off some major Anne Shirley vibes in the first part of the book. It was so delightful! I did not notice that so much later on though. This book is not perfectly squeaky clean as it does deal with characters' pasts including a Wild West kind of town with a bar that has working girls upstairs, but things were never graphic and I feel like most people will be okay with the way things were portrayed.

The Letter from Briarton Park... I am trying to read more time periods here lately since it is so easy for me to only pick up World War II novels when I am ready for historical fiction. This is one of those novels that did not technically appeal to me right off the bat but that I ended up being so glad I had given it a chance! This is a story about a young woman who receives a letter about her inheritance and therefore heritage, and she is on a search to finally find out about her birth parents and her past. I tend to like novels with this theme and I felt like this one was well done.

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