Thursday, December 1, 2022

Bookish links- December 2022

Spotted on an endcap at Target. So cute! Loved it but did not buy it 'cause that is the way of the Sara. 

Historical fiction fans, I've already updated my list of Christian fiction by year quite a bit! 

If you're looking for a Christmas nonfiction read, The Case for Christmas is only $3! (At least on the day I'm typing this!) I haven't read it but I have read The Case for Christ for Kids and enjoyed it. 

Wholesome Christmas movies for the whole family 

Just a few Christmassy, book-themed Etsy finds: bookstore ornament // this cute bookmark // Christmas book stack print // this shirt // All I Want for Christmas is Books mug // Oh, Holy Night on a vintage book page // customizable book stack ornament // these vintage Christmas book coasters! // sweet vintage art on old book pages // book + cat ornament // If I showed up at your house for a Christmas party and you had this Scrooge & Marley sign hanging over your door I'd faint with delight.  

Blast from the past: All the Christmas Books We Read in 2021! 

Here's a fun holiday drink for my lazy health nut friends! Steep peppermint tea (I prefer Traditional Medicinals) and then stir in a scoop of hot cocoa powder (I prefer Laird). Peppermint hot chocolate ☕👍 (Note: these are both far cheaper in my local health food store so check in-person first!) 

Breathtaking libraries for your literary bucket list

The ultimate Christmas books quiz, based on Christmas classics. I got 55% but four of my correct answers were just lucky guesses! 

If any of you have kids who love the Pioneer Woman's Charlie the Ranch Dog series - we love the homeschool book Charlie Goes to School - you might be happy to see that Walmart currently has a Christmas Charlie Plush Blanket 

I used to be a consistent reader of the Modern Mrs Darcy blog and I popped over there a couple weeks ago for the first time in a long time. Fun finds- 9 teas to warm up your winter days // gift guide for book lovers // gift guide for bookish children  // 100 stocking stuffers that will actually be appreciated

Currently reading: Philippians // A Very Merry Holiday Movie Guide // Tabitha's Travels // A Texas Christmas Carol (from Under the Texas Mistletoe) // What I Would Tell You // The Blackout Book Club 


  1. I've watched all seasons of When the Heart Calls. The Christmas episodes in this series are a delight! I really liked them, as well as the whole series. Although, what happened at the end of the fifth season broke my heart into a million pieces. For a long time I could not forgive the creators of the series. Then, of course, she calmed down.
    Thanks Sarah for the links. I will definitely watch something from this list of films, and read from the list of books.

    1. I just recently told my husband about When Calls the Heart and now he is willing to watch it! But we are still making our way through Little House on the Prairie for now


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