Thursday, December 22, 2022

Five Questions of Christmas

"When we lost our place in Eden, an intense need for belonging began. When we lost God's presence, an intense need for love and intimacy began. When we lost our purity and innocence, an intense need for justice began. When we lost our work in the garden, an intense need for achievement began.

In this post-Eden wilderness we reach for something to meet these deep, fundamental needs. We hope reaching an elusive goal will bring what we want most: a home where we belong, relationships that heal our loneliness, assurance that good wins over evil, success that is fulfilling, and a reason to live that gives us meaning, significance, and a lasting legacy."

"A single bright thread is woven through the fabric of all human history: the relentless search for love, joy, and peace. It is the rest proof that eternity is in our hearts. People have examined every conceivable nook and cranny, engaged in every conceivable activity, created every conceivable relationship, and still not tried what they are looking for. They have tried asceticism and hedonism, celibacy and sexual promiscuity, wealth and poverty. They have indulged or denied every possible appetite, frantically hoping to find joy. They didn't.

But God put eternity in our hearts too. The only possible solution is to follow the One who created the longing."

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