Monday, December 5, 2022

What we watched in November

Ryan and I watched a secular movie I won't recommend here, plus a few episodes of an old favorite show that's not super appropriate, but these are the wholesome movies/shows we watched in November!  

📺 Alaskan Bush People... This was on in our hotel one night and we were all so happy! I wish they'd put every season out on DVD. We've never seen seasons 5+ but we'd buy this! 

📺 A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving... We watched this on Thanksgiving Day again this year, pretty fun. 

📺 Christmas for a Dollar... My mom recommended this one (and talked about it on the podcast!) so we all watched it together. It was sweet and we had a great discussion about bullies afterwards. 

📺 The Harbinger Decoded... I read this book recently and knew I wanted to share the DVD with Ryan! We were both happy with it and Ryan got interested in the book as a result. I picked it up from the library and he still hasn't read it so we'll see. 

📺 Little House on the Prairie... We're still slowly making our way through this show as a family. We're currently in season 4 and I feel like the show just kinda took a turn, way more drama + tragedy than the previous three seasons. Maybe I'm wrong, but it just seems like it's not quite as sweet anymore. We're still watching though. My favorite character now is Jonathan Garvey. I'm really glad they brought him in! 

📺 Miracle on 34th Street... None of us had actually seen this movie before! We got a collection of older Christmas classics and we're so glad this is one of them! It also came with the Mara Wilson remake so we'll watch that one some time too. 

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