Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Bookish links- February 2023

February new releases I'm excited about: All My Knotted-Up Life // Being Baxters // Daughter of Eden // Della and Darby // The Sound of Light

20 best devotional prayer books for women 

Money Saving Mom's top 5 books of 2022 and her 52 books goal of 2023 

It turns out there's an entire line of calendars dedicated to books & cats

Last month I read an epistolary middle grade novel (Always, Clementine) and a letter-focused picture book (The Thank You Letter) and unsurprisingly enjoyed them both. That reminded me of Gretchen Louise's epistolary book list, which I loved perusing again! 

What does mood reading even mean? If it turns out that you are a mood reader? How cute is this sweatshirt?! 

Why do some people feel sick when reading in a moving vehicle?


  1. I was very interested in Mirna Grant's book about Vanya. I already found it in Russian and downloaded it, I will definitely read it. I feel sorry for the Christians who were subjected to terrible persecution in the USSR. Thanks for the recommendation!📚❤🌹

  2. Daughter of Eden looks good! I am on a biblical fiction kick right now. I just finished A Lineage of Grace. I am most definitely a mood reader, as is my daughter. That sweatshirt is super cute! My husband bought me one for Christmas that says it's a great day to read!
    Thanks for linking our book crawl! It was SO FUN!! :D

    1. I would like to be more of a mood reader. I used to be! Now I keep my TBR books in order of which I am "supposed" to read next but that just seems silly!!


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