Monday, March 6, 2023

Recent Picture Book Reads

A Cat Named Swan (secular)... This was a sweet read for kitten lovers everywhere. Lovely illustrations, too.

Into the Forest (secular, nonfiction)... This is such a gorgeous book with all kinds of good nature principles!

Knightology (secular, nonfiction)... Such a fun nonfiction, slightly interactive with lift-the-flaps and things of the sort. I actually put this one on our 4th grade books list. 

La Princesa and the Pea (secular)... Fun, The Princess and the Pea but with Spanish words mixed in :)

The Lightlings (Christian)... This was an allegory painted using fairy-like creatures called Lightlings. I felt that it was a very easy-to-understand allegory and the illustrations were also lovely. 

Like Me (Christian)... this was such a beautiful story about God having made each of us wonderfully told from the perspective of a boy whose little brother has an unnamed intellectual disability, I suspect cerebral palsy based on some of the things said in the book. I loved this book and was tearing up while reading it in the bookstore. Highly recommend!! 

Mr. Ferris and His Wheel (secular, nonfiction)... One of my kids is really interested in the Chicago World's Fair so this was fun! 

Mushroom Rain (secular)... I love a good nature nonfiction! Mushrooms are a really cool, underrated piece of nature (#homeschoolmom) and we enjoyed learning more about them through this book.

What if, Pig? (Secular)... Cute, sweet, encouragement through worrying + the value of a good friend. Apparently we've borrowed this one before but I don't remember that. 

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