Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Recent Reads

12 Story Library books- 12 Epic Rescues // 12 Extreme Survival Stories // 12 Suspenseful Mysteries (secular, nonfiction, chapter books)... My son and I are so into these stories and have been looking into quite a few of the people we've learned about.

Cavall of Camelot (secular, middle grade)... I'm not super comfortable with a lot of the spiritual world elements of this book but it was engaging.

Compassion: Seeing With Jesus's Eyes by Joshua Mack (Christian nonfiction)... This was a very short read (I believe it was 48 pages?) I wanted to read because of my 2023 intention of growing in compassion and empathy for some difficult people. It didn't deep dive into difficult people like I would have liked but it was a good read with good points. 

The Forgotten Puppy by Holly Webb (secular, chapter book)... We first discovered this series through The Good and the Beautiful Book list but a few of my kids love it so I've read several of these now. They're pretty formulaic and this one was unsurprisingly just fine.

The Glass Castle (Christian, middle grade)... I really enjoyed this audio book experience and I look forward to reading book 2 soon!

Hidden Figures: Young Readers Edition (middle grade // history // nonfiction)... This story is not new to me but the young readers edition was. Good read! Added it to our 6th grade shelves. 

On the Bright Side (Christian, nonfiction)... I really loved the feel of this book. I got through it very quickly because I was always excited to pick it up and often wanted to squeeze in one more chapter. Fair warning though- There was some great spiritual mixed with a lot of worldly content and one chapter had a curse word ($h!t) I think 3-4 times.  

Take One (contemporary Christian fiction)... Book 1 of the next Baxter Family installment! I was not at all looking forward to the introduction of the new characters but I loved it within a few chapters and now I am just so excited to see where things go with them! 

Writing with Rosie (secular, chapter book, nonfiction)... Loved this 3rdish grade writing book by a TGTB book list author. Looking forward to reading more of her work now! 

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