Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Recent Picture Book Reads

Beneath the Hood: a Retelling Woven with Biblical Truth (Christian)... This a fun, unique Little Red Riding Hood retelling with a biblical spin. We all enjoyed it.

The Circus Ship (secular)... I always love a good circus book and this is done by the illustrator of the Mercy Watson books. Fun! Set in Maine. 

Dewey: There's a Cat in the Library (secular)... This was a sweet delight. We loved learning the true story of Dewey from Fearless Felines and then seeing a picture book version for fun 🐱

I've Got Eyes: Exceptional Eyes of the Animal World (secular, nonfiction)... This was a fun, cool picture book I borrowed for our zoology unit but would have loved even outside of homeschool. Nature (Creation!) is so endlessly fascinating!

Lassie Come Home (secular)... We recently watched two Lassie movies and they were huge hits around here so the picture book adaptation was, too. I'll try the middle grade novel at some point as well.

Moose's Book Bus (secular).. We really loved this fun book about how great books are. The illustrations were extra fun for my pig-loving kiddo 🐖

Nature's Patchwork Quilt (secular, nonfiction)... Another lovely nonfiction picture book teaching us all kinds of important nature concepts.

Once Upon a Book by Grace Lin (secular)... This one is a short but fun book about a little girl imagining her way around the world through the pages of a book.

A Party to Remember by Tim Tebow (Christian)... I recently learned about Tim Tebow's foundation and it got my attention so I tried out this picture book. Nice message, fun, and wonderful to see Jane Chapman's illustrations since we love the Bear books she does with Karma Wilson. 

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